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Wood Fireplaces

Isokern Wood Fireplaces

Isokern Fireplaces have been the top spec’ed fireplace by Architects and Builders alike for decades. Now manufactured in the USA, Isokern Fireplace and Chimney Systems are tested and listed for UL 217 and UL 103HT (respectively) and are manufactured in a highly controlled fashion to ensure that our products continue to be the best in the market.

There are 5 product lines with a variety of sizes to ensure that we have a fireplace for every application - Indoor, Outdoor, for Combustible and Non-Combustible Flooring, Wood and/or Gas Burning and more and can be finished in any way that the homeowner desires. These high end fireplaces are unique in their refractive properties and reflect heat from the fire out into the room instead of absorbing like other site-built concrete, metal and masonry fireplaces do.

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FMI Wood Fireplaces

The fireplace has always been the focal point of the home. And over the centuries, creative new designs and features have enhanced both form and function of the hearth.

Fmi's Award-Winning Grand Masters Series fireplaces and accessories with patent pending Mosaic Masonry firebrick lining system mix innovation with tradition to re-create these classic designs.

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Mason-Lite Wood Fireplaces

Mason-Lite factory built masonry fireplaces are available in five different sizes of 33″, 39″, 44″, 49″ and 63″. Our 43″ see thru model is also available. These modular concrete fire boxes are the lightest in weight in their class with the highest heat resistant strength on the market. They meet or exceed all federal, state, and local construction building code requirements.

At half the cost and half the weight of traditional masonry fireplaces, Mason-Lite provides both value and convenience for builders and homeowners. Upper-floor masonry fireplaces are now possible because of Mason-Lite’s lightweight design. In addition, with its lightweight construction, Mason-Lite is easy to transport with lower costs for shipping and handling.

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Majestic Wood Fireplaces

From gorgeous, blazing wood burning fireplaces to gas and electric stoves and inserts, Majestic has the style and quality you’re looking for. Traditional to contemporary. Indoor or outdoor. Wood, gas or electric. Majestic products are designed to be the heart of your home. Each Majestic fireplace is engineered for performance, style and lasting durability. We pride ourselves on strict engineering guidelines and rigid quality assurance testing, to be sure we are putting the best product we can into your home.

Beyond just safety and aesthetics, Majestic products are built to be efficient, quality heating appliances, adding value to your home for years to come. It’s why, for decades, Majestic has been the fireplace of choice for homes all across North America.

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Monessen Wood Fireplaces

Monessen brand products are known throughout the industry for their aesthetics, performance and convenience features. As a savvy consumer, you can feel good about making a smart purchase when you choose a Monessen product. It delivers the satisfaction of great performance for years to come.

Since 1993, we’ve grown from a regional manufacturer of vent free logs to a leading full line supplier of hearth products. Our complete lineup features Direct Vent, B Vent, Vent Free, Electric and Wood Burning log sets, fireplaces, inserts and stoves.

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Lennox Wood Fireplaces

Lennox understands how important it is for you to feel comfortable at home. They understand that choosing the right supplier is every bit as important as choosing the right brand. As a Lennox distributor, we are fully trained and qualified to recommend the ideal product and offer reliable service.

The Lennox Hearth Products division was established in 1996 and is located in Orange, California. This division offers fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves and log sets.

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Heatilator Wood Fireplace

Reliable Heat, Steadfast Value.
First time homebuyers, homebuilders and custom home experts agree. Heatilator is the number one choice. Its well-crafted heating sources run the gamut from fireplaces to gas logs, providing gas-burning solutions to make any space feel like home. Most importantly, value is high on the list of this most recognized brand. It’s one thing to build the perfect fireplace. But Heatilator goes one step further by making its products affordable and dependable at the same time. As the preferred brand among homebuilders, Heatilator promises quality, reliability and an ease of installation unsurpassed in the industry. By introducing the first zero-clearance fireplace over 30 years ago, Heatlilator not only transformed the concept of installing your own fireplace, but has continued to lead the industry in builder-focused products. Reliable heat and steadfast value. That’s Heatilator’s promise.

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